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What makes
a best experience

Universal usage

  • Built on foundational government-issued credentials, the personal digital identity can be used across the widest possible range of systems and services with single-point access.
  • An integrated digital identity solution designed on common open standards ensures cross-system usability within countries and across borders, enabling a natural evolution towards the future global internet of identity*.

Identity for all

  • Convenient and inclusive access to personal identity information, with multiple uses under an individual’s control, can empower people to access public services.
  • Trusted digital identity reinforces the transparency, efficiency and sustainable use of government services and helps governments manage fraud, improve welfare support and promote inclusivity.

Seamless experience

  • Swift and frictionless access to public services, strengthening satisfaction and trust in government.
  • A convenient, affordable and smooth user experience online.
  • Best-in-class solutions ensure reliable and easy registration and authentication processes for government agencies and beyond.


  • Inclusive and sustainable
  • Practical and secure
  • Flexible and seamless

*The future internet of identity (including user ID, device ID, service or app ID, asset ID etc.) will ensure that everything on the internet has a trustworthy identity that can be automatically and instantly authenticated.